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Rules & Regulations



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Global rules to be followed
First of all thanks for being part of the family..
We have some rules needed to control a family
1. You need to accept our terms and conditions
2. FRENDZ4M is having its own freedom to express the opinion and as a forum to discuss social matters there will be negative opinions which are not fact, instead just an opinion, so there is no legal actions should not be taken.
3. We respect privacy of the people here and there out of forums, if anyone have complaints that their privacy is broken by other users, the victim should contact the forum staff regarding the violation with detailed report.
4. We are a forum to entertain people, so we will do share stuff, if anyone have objections or complaints that their rights are broken, they should use the contact page or contact staff members.
5. FRENDZ4M believes in peace, we do not support any types of violence, including but not limited to terrorism, racism or any thing that distinct one is major and other is minor ideologies, ideologies that support blood shedding etc. we treat people as equal, lovely creations of God and having right to live in world freely.
6. Advertising or spamming or violating cyber laws in the forum will not be encouraged, any activities those are found to be harmful for the forum will lead to penalties.
7. Different sections have their own experts and rules, so it may vary and people should read them before posting in those sections.

With warm wishes,
For and as the part of admin & staff panel
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