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Android Game Reviews


Android Game Review Section Rules

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Android Game Review Section Rules
Obey the customs of the village you enter - ancient Japanese proverb


  1. First of all, you must abide by our terms and conditions.
  2. Global rules enlisted in the rules section is applicable to this section. Ensure you have read it.
  3. This section belongs to android games review, other topics should not be posted here, you may use the appropriate section of the forum for it.
  4. Users must not violate any rights of others including digital rights. If you have found anything violate your rights report using our contact form.
  5. If you are posting topics ensure you give a proper identifiable title for it, properly describe the message in the post. We want to keep the minimum quality for each topics in this section. Staff members may edit your post in case they think it requires some moderation.
  6. The games you reviewing must be child safe and family friendly. No explicit contents should not be there.
  7. Youtube videos, snap shots and others informative materials can be used in your post.
  8. Plagiarism is not appreciated, if you are copying some contents, ensure you give proper credits to the author or website.
  9. Games which are malicious can't be reviewed here.
  10. Before you post, it is advised to search the forum to avoid reposting.
  11. You may bookmark this page and read the rules occasionally as we may change the above mentioned rules when appropriate.
    Thank you
    Frendz Staff🌹

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