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**Unique Facts About Michael Jackson**

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Unique Facts About Michael Jackson



Jackson’s father forced him to play music.

He lived in a theme park.

Jackson took his llamas to the recording studio

He appeared on television in the Soviet Union.

Michael Jackson was gifted 5,000 pound elephant.


In 1991, Jackson was gifted an Asian elephant by actress Elizabeth Taylor.
Taylor gifted Jackson the elephant after he allowed her to host her wedding on his ranch.
Jackson called the elephant Gypsy and it weighed around 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg).


Jackson has a medical center named after him.

On the set for filming a commercial for Pepsi on January 27, 1984, Jackson’s hair caught on fire.
The accident was caused by pyrotechnics and Jackson was left with second-degree burns to his scalp.
As a result, to cover the scarring, Jackson underwent rhinoplasty surgery.
Pepsi settled the issue out of court by paying out Jackson.
Michael donated $1.5 million to the medical center in California that treated his burns.
As a thank you, the Brotman Medical Center in California called their burns department
“Michael Jackson Burn Center”.


Michael Jackson’s skin color changed because of a skin disease.



He invented gravity-defying shoes!



Jackson became an action figure.



He once tried to buy Marvel Comics.


In the late 1990s, Jackson tried to purchase the well-known comic book company, Marvel.

Marvel Comics had filed for bankruptcy and Michael Jackson was in the market.

The main reason for wanting to purchase Marvel was so that
he could feature as a superhero himself.
Jackson saw himself as being a great Spider-Man for Marvel.
This wasn’t his only attempt at trying to become a superhero.
As soon as he heard there was going to be a new X-Men movie,
he put himself forward to play Professor X.
Once again he was not chosen for this role.


Michael Jackson is the world’s most successful dead celebrity.


The year of Jackson’s death was his most successful.
Around 35 million copies of his albums were sold within the first 12 months after his death.
Since his death, he has made approximately $2.1 billion USD,
half of the $4.2 billion USD he made whilst he was alive.
In 2016, Michael earned $825 million USD, breaking the record for the
highest-earning celebrity in a single year.
In 2018 he became the highest-paid dead celebrity of the year making $400 million USD.


Jackson’s animals have disappeared.

Following Jackson’s death, it is unknown where many of his animals are.


His petting zoo was closed down and no one knows where all the exotic animals went.
Many were given to zoos or rehomed to private owners, but some have just vanished entirely.
A strange theme is that most of the pets or animals Jackson was most fond of were the ones who have disappeared.
In particular, there is no record of the whereabouts of his elephant named Gypsy.
His much-loved llamas have also disappeared.
This mystery is a sad one, as many of these animals may have ended up in the wrong hands.
Michael Jackson will forever be a musical legend, despite his strange life.
His music is catchy, with its sing-along capability with lyrics that stay with you.
Jackson is a curious character that left many questions unanswered upon his death in 2009.
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