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|| Frendz4m Video Section Rules ||

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  1. By browsing through this section you abide by the following terms and conditions.
  2. You're in agreement with our terms and conditions.
  3. You obey the rules described as global rules in the rules and regulations section of frendz4m.
  4. This section is for video sharing, do not post other materials in this section.
  5. While sharing the contents ensure you give proper title and message. Inappropriate threads which are not in the minimum quality will be removed without any concessions.
  6. The credit and responsibility for the messages in this section goes to the author of the post. The messages are not opinions of frendz4m owners, management or staff executives.
  7. You can include YouTube links using YouTube tag which will help you to embed the video in your posts.
  8. The first post of the thread should be considered as important and the quality should be ensured.
  9. Do not share the videos which are not suitable for children or family here.
  10. While we allow constructive criticism, any content which are abusive towards any nation, gender, children, race, religion, cast, creed or other classes will be removed and actions will be taken.
  11. We are in agreement with laws of different territories, we may remove or replace contents which are not suitable for the world and society.
  12. Appreciate the users who are sharing contents by using thanks and reputation.
  13. Bookmark this page for getting updated rules regarding this section. The staff may update the rules when they feel appropriate.

Frendz Staff?

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