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Windows X-Lite 11 Pro (64-bit)

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The new build just came in the house. Nothing spectacular has been removed from this version, except m!crosoft "sweets," so it can be used entirely for business and gaming purposes! For more information about done modifications, read the full content below!

I do not think this is a really w!ndows 11. Under the hood, the build is full of w!ndows 10 signs. Few innovation like rounded corners, minor changes like new OOBE experience, new icons and start menu appereance are just not enough to declare this as Win 11... It is more like a mix of w!ndows 10X and w!ndows 10, e.g. next Sun Valley (21H2). No drastic improvements and features, only face lifting and sillicons. Someone has been creative! It looks very nice though! Enjoy!

Release information:
w!ndows 11 Pro;
Program Version: Dev (OS Build 21996.1);
Compression: ESD;
Architecture: amd64 (64-bit);
Size: 3.23 GB;
Author builds: TeamOS;
Language: English-US;
Treatment: The build is permanently activated.

Spoiler: All modifications:

1. Use attached Rufus USB-tool to make bootable USB (highly recommended); OR
2. Burn to DVD-R at lower speed;
3. I hope users will enjoy this release!

Spoiler: Screenshots:

Virus free! No virus signature! 100% clean!​

Check Sums:
File name: X-Lite.11.Pro.EN-US.x64.iso
Format: Bootable ISO (both BIOS Legacy and UEFI BOOT Compatibility);
Size: 3472556032 bytes (3311 Mi
CRC32: E672DC41
CRC64: 9BED77635541FB22
SHA256: BA0912DCFB77329D174B37AA2D291105DD1BEF206DEFE7506D60869B533B6F60
SHA1: 25BA1C04862BB7D3CB747507E612F754468FB4DE
BLAKE2sp: 363E2DB5DB20419ADB8E545AE47EC49FCD40C8A7BD1D7056A5BE266B9B567AA6

Kind regards,

torrent link :-
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Great work bro thanx
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wow, amazing work thanks a lot
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wow buddy amazing work.. thank you
mido1995User is not available now
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wow, amazing work thanks a lot
HeArTbEaTUser is not available now
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wow bro.... thanks for the share
welchen123User is not available now
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very nice, thanks for your work!
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