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Use Google Chrome browser as MP3/Audio/Video Player on Android/PC !

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Use Google Chrome browser as MP3/Audio/Video Player on Android/PC !

Method to use Google Chrome as MP3/Audio/Video Player on Android

First of all Open your Google Chrome browser , you can also use Mozilla Firefox on Android . I tried it and it worked on Firefox too, but other 3rd party browsers like UC browser, Opera Mini and Dolphin browser weren’t able to support our method .
Now in the address bar , Type and navigate these locations one – by – one ( Note – I am saying to try all URLs because the File system structure vary from device-to-device depending upon the Android version) .file:///sdcard/



You’ll find that the Browser is able to open / show files on atleast one of these five address locations.
Now, click on the folder name to enter it , and browse to the media file you want to open.
After reaching the file , Simply Click on it – If its a MP3/Video File it will be played , or if its an image/html file it will be displayed right in your browser!
Magical! isn’t it (Check the alongside image for reference) .
Note – You can also use this trick to use Google Chrome browser as PDF viewer as Android lacks in-built PDF viewer (Thus, saving your memory required to install PDF viewer on your phone)
Method for PC Users to use Google Chrome/ Firefox Browser as MP3 / Audio Player on PC (Windows / MAC / Linux )

The method is actually the same except you have to enter the URLs like this –
file://c:/ (To Access/Open C Drive in windows)

file://root/ (For Linux Users)



Now, again one of them will show your folder contents depending upon your OS , Click on the foldername to open the folder and on the media file to play/open it in your Browser . It’ll work without any hiccups (You can also use it to view PDF files ).

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Wow, you found it bravo

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Nice to know
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Thanks man
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Thanks man
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Its helpful... sometimes if you don't have any other choice it will be a handy solution
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Thanks. Must try this
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my friend has been doing this.... i am not sure it's a good idea
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Thanks bro
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you can also use to it to view image files
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I never ever knew this.. Superb share dude hatsoff
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