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The Wheel of Time

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Amazon adapting an epic fantasy series from the '90s, one about the cyclical nature of time where everything dies only to be reborn again, feels rather of the moment.
Call it Eternal Recurrence, Kalachakra, or The Wheel of Time, the idea spans cultures across the world. A prophesied reincarnation may either save the world or destroy it in Robert Jordan's sword-and-sorcery saga
A prophecy of the Chosen One prone to visions. Four friends not named Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin from a sleepy village embark on an epic quest guided by a mentor. A Dark One whose power grows and who can influence the world without physically manifesting in it. Clashes with bows, axes, swords, and CGI. At stake is the survival of all living beings and the world itself. All these fantasy flourishes are put together in a tiresome way in Amazon’s WoT. Season 1 adapts the first book from Jordan's series, The Eye of the World. In the effort to streamline a near-800-page novel into eight hour-long episodes for the screen, creator Rafe Judkins rushes through the source material. WoT is a sprawling 15-book saga, and the show will have to double down on the pacing if they are to condense them into the planned eight seasons.
Its Worth watching guys hope you like it ?

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I'm planning on watching this
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It is worth it. Now I have to wait for season 2
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wanna watch this!
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This sounds really interesting. I might give it a go
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