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Self Tested COVID-19 Recovery Medicines and Journey

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COVID-19 Second wave is ruining many families and it is the most dangerous wave India have faced so far and still people are suffering from this pandemic very badly. The metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai facing the wrath of the virus and it's not controllable by the government and the hospitals. So believe in self-treatment at home. You will definitely get better treatment at home than at a hospital.

I'm not a doctor. But I was infected from COVID-19 and want to share the medicines which I have used. It may be useful for anyone but always consult your doctors before taking any medicines.

If you are a fit guy and infected by the corona virus, then there are the maximum chances that you don't have to face the hospitals for the treatment. However, you can go to the hospital for the RT-PCR tests. So, as I said for a fit guy if you get infected by a virus, the virus will show its effect on the 5th or 6th day by giving you a high fever likely 100-103 and sometimes higher.

If you ignore this fever and don't take the medicines, then you might have to the hospital for treatment later. But, if you start medications from that day, then you will be safe. The suggested medicines by the doctors are (I am writing the salt of the medicines because not all the company name medicines are available at all the places)

Paracetamol 650mg - 3 times (6 hours gap) x 3 days (take even if you don't have a fever in between this time)
Azithromycin 500 mg - 1 time a day x 5 days
Doxycycline 100 mg - 2 times a day x 5 days
Cetirizine or Levocetirizine - 1 time a day
Vitamin C Tablets 500mg -2/3 times a day
Zinc supplement 50mg - 1/2 times a day
Ivermectin -12mg -1 time a day x 3-5 days

When I got the fever on 13th April, I wasn't aware of the COVID, as I was exposed to the sunlight and maybe because of this I got the fever, so I simply took the Crocin 650mg and then fever again back in the evening and then I again took the medicine. The next day, the same condition but less fever than the previous day, then I take the medicine and after that on 15th April, I went to doctor to take the medicines. He gave me paracetamol, LCZ and cough syrup for 3 days of treatment. And he said, if you will be will in this time period, then there is no need to do anything and if not, then go for Typhoid and RT PCR test.

I was out of the fever the next day but still continued his medicines as suggested. But after a few days, my family members started having the same symptoms, then we get tested and even I was found COVID positive. I have acute pain in the chest(lungs) with a heaviness, so I was advised to take the Favipiravir 400mg according to its dose treatment for 5 days. Then after that, everything gets under control and I have no symptoms now.

If you or your family has experienced this, then you might be aware of all the medicines I have mentioned. And if not, may you guys not get this. With the medicines, kaadha, steam is equally important. It's all about the immunity game. I had the virus for a long time but not had any symptoms due to immunity. I take a good diet and do proper daily exercise at home.
That's it

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Thanks for sharing your covid-19 experience, great that you won in the fight.
Have you had any pain in eyes? Means a heat in eyes?

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^ A little bit of pain on the back side of the left eye. When I move my eyes, it felt.. 3 days problem. Forgot to include in this. Rest, I had only acute chest pain and fever. Nothing else.. :cheers:
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Thanks for sharing
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Good stuff.. With Levocetrizine you can add montelukast for better results btw nice sharing
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Thanks for sharing your covid-19 experienceI Hope Your Well Now

SerecomputingUser is not available now
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Good stuff.. With Levocetrizine you can add montelukast for better results btw nice sharing

Yes I was using it.. Montair LC was the medicine name.
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Montek Lc is also be used
Lokb24User is not available now
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Perhaps not the best idea to be honest...
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Its great you are well now!
siltu_nandaUser is not available now
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also inhale steam for lungs
snnboo12User is not available now
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Never got infected by COVID, but I can confirm that paracetamol is literally the best medicine
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Yeah, new variants Everytime now lol
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