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Scalpe Pro Shampoo Review - 1 Week Use

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Scalpe Pro Shampoo User Review - 1 Week Usage

Scalpe Pro Shampoo is a daily use shampoo which prevents dandruff as per the company's claim. This is a review after using the Scalpe Pro for one week. I will update the topic after a few days if any more to say about this shampoo in future.

Some more product images



Being irritated by the flakes from head due to many reasons including the cold weather during the winter season, I was forced to check for an anti dandruff shampoo. While my first attempt to search was to fight against dandruff, a shampoo which contains Ketoconazole as the main ingredient. I had used it in the past as well, it was not for daily use though. After searching for long I was not able to get the product at that time and ended up seeing some reviews about Scalpe + (plus) shampoo which had much positive reviews. Then I thought to buy the product, but it was not available in many online stores, a new product Scalpe Pro exists. But there was not much reviews about the Scalpe Pro product. The rate for the product wss 135 INR and I thought I will try this. I bought it from pharmeasy and they delivered it within 4 days.
I started using it from the next day onwards and I see very less flakes now after seven uses. It has a good smell, white color liquid with foams, I use it with normal water. After wetting the hairs I use the shampoo on hairs and keep it for five minutes. Then I wash it off.
So I think it is worth trying if you have dandruff or need a shampoo for daily use. I like the smell.

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Let me update my feedback now after around one year. The shampoo will give a good relief from dandruff. Use it daily once. Keep it in hair for two or three minutes.
Now I use it everyday. May be I had used around four bottles now. That means just spent around 1000-1200Rs per year.
Well it works.

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if u stop using this shampoo, dandruff again comes, tested by me
Mr.Love ™User is not available now
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@RunningStaff yes, there is no permanent solution for it. Between it is a shampoo for cleaning hair as well.

SuperManUser is not available now
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indulekha shampoo is better
i have used scalpe pro too but indulekha is still far better
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@SuperMan indulekha had an oil, it was once a trend and people bought it with high cost. But was just a hype.
Nice to hear the shampoo works for you.

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