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Rules related to new image stories

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Mr.Love ™User is offline now
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I am very happy to announce the new feature which allows users to upload image stories from their device. By doing so you should be taken care of the following rules and regulations:
? You have to agree with our terms and conditions.
? You should obey national and international laws and social media guidelines.
? We may remove any images which are inappropriate for us as a web community.
? Spamming will not be allowed.
? The stories will be available for only limited time after uploading(currently not limited, may be 24 hours).
? The stories are accessible by public.
? Use the feature as a model, we may improve it.


Thread locked by Mr.Love-----------------
thread locked by-Mr.Love

Crash_TV_User is not available now
[PM 20]
Rank : Head-Admin
Status : Head Admin

Interesting And Good Feature..Add video stories option also if possible.

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Mr.Love ™User is not available now
[PM 1]
Rank : Helper
Status : Super Owner

Now it is basic, it will be improved

AbhiSonaUser is not available now
[PM 44]
Rank : AbhiSona
Status : Head Admin

Again great features
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SonuUser is not available now
[PM 26]
Rank : Shri Krishna
Status : Head Admin

Roj kuch na kuch new hona chahiye ab yaha
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SerecomputingUser is not available now
[PM 37]
Rank : image
Status : Head Admin

Nice feature
gustrzoUser is not available now
[PM 2266]
Rank : Junior Member
Status : Member

great features! awesome forum
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