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Rubber Ducky - Hacking tool Information

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Rubber ducky ?

♨ Rubber ducky is one of the famous types of bad usb

So what is Bad usb ❓

Yes bad usb, it is a type of usb mostly used for bad task such as hacking a pc or server ,

Mostly all bad USBs acts as a keyboard and send keystrokes to the computer and try hacking just by those keystrokes .

Each bad usb needs to be programmed to perform a hack ,
The program is written in a script

Rubber ducky uses ducky language
To write the payloads

so now what is Payloads ❓

Yes payloads, each script used is a payload .

Some famous payloads are -
1. Reverse shell
2. Hello world

Now google it and learn something good. image-----------------
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^ Good Info serecomputing

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Keep ur pc away from sere
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Tutorial please with scr!pts
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very nice and infrormtive, waiting for more trics and information.
SerecomputingUser is not available now
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Keep ur pc away from sere

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