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Referral Sub Section

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Mr.Love ™User is offline now
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In early days we were not allowing any kind of referals as at that time only benefiter was the person who referred an user. Now a days the endusers also getting benefits in terms of cashback and bonus. So what about we add a sub section that allows users to post the apps with referal links?
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SerecomputingUser is not available now
[PM 37]
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Yes, it can be done. It will surely help everyone. Also, everyone will get the chance for the referral. It will then depends on the new user to select a referral link among all.
AbhiSonaUser is not available now
[PM 44]
Rank : AbhiSona
Status : Head Admin

Good idea bro it will help all
TrustedUser is not available now
[PM 138]
Rank : Junkie
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Good idea bro make a section for posting-----------------
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Crash_TV_User is not available now
[PM 20]
Rank : Premium A/C Expert
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^ Good Idea please make...
Thanks & Enjoy
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Sujit_007User is not available now
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Nice idea. clap22
Please make it. 👍
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