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Recruiting two staff members??

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Mr.Love ™User is offline now
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To moderate the forum I would like to recruit two staff members who will be appointed as moderators. Old staff members also need to join this as now it is not possible to restore your powers suddenly.Interested candidates can contact me through pm with their details.
Complete the form below :
Name :
Age :
Phone :
Place :
Education :
Why you are a good candidate?
Thread locked by Mr.Love-----------------
thread locked by-Mr.Love

DeaD.MaNUser is not available now
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Mr.Love ™User is not available now
[PM 1]
Rank : Helper
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@DeaD.MaN ja mod ban kar raha hum, edit your post and send me a pm

Mr.Love ™User is not available now
[PM 1]
Rank : Helper
Status : Super Owner

Moderator recruitement is over now. There will be another recruitment thread for junior moderators

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