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R.I.P. Dr. KK Aggarwal, Ex-Chief Of Indian Medical Association, Dies Of COVID-19

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As we all aware of this fact that COVID is now out of control and not taking care of anyone. This time Dr KK Aggarwal. You guys might have seen him on YouTube and even on the TV. He was quite famous the past few days due to his sayings about the COVID-19. He has explained a lot of things about COVID-19 but not able to save his life even after he was vaccinated with both doses of vaccines.


Ex-president of the Indian Medical Association and prominent face of the medical fraternity in the country died due to COVID-19. He has also received Padma Shri Award. He had helped so many people with his educational videos so far in this pandemic.

See the official Twitter post


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R.I.P sir
No jane aur kitno ki jaan legi yeah corona
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Rest in peace sir

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Rest in peace....
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Rest in peace........
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