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Powerful Tips for Mozilla Firefox

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1. Search Tips for Mozilla Firefox

If you visit a site more than one times per day and search various articles or others on the blog/website; you should follow these search tips.

Firstly, go to your required a website and click the right button of your mouse on the search box area. Now click on the “Add a Keyword of this Search….”

Now you will find a dialogue box for saving the search tips as a bookmark. Write a name for the bookmark, Select folder and type your search keyword

2. Exploring the hidden interface of Firefox

Guys do you know there is a hidden interface on your Mozilla Firefox browser?
Yes! this interface will help you to unlock many awesome Firefox browser features. But firefox does not recommend you go to this hidden menu. There is a warning given immediately; If anybody goes to this hidden menu. Go to the hidden menu just write about: config on the URL box of your browser and press enter. Now you will find a warning message “This might void your warranty” You need to click on the blue button under the warning message “I will be careful, I promise!“

You can get more information about this hidden configuration page from a website named Askvg.com.

3. Easily go from tab to tab

Blogger or webmasters are always opened a lot of tabs and they work with this tab. A Firefox user can easily go from tab to tab via keyboard shortcut.

Press Ctrl + 1 to go to directly tab number one,
Press Ctrl + 2 to go to the direct tab number two.
As thus you can go to a certain tab via pressing Ctrl + (1 to 9). There is another way to access your Firefox tab.
To access your right sides tab press Ctrl + Page Down (for Laptop Ctrl + Shift + Page Down)
To access your left sides tab press Ctrl + Page Up (for Laptop Ctrl + Shift + UP)
Press Ctrl + T to take a new tab.
But if you need to know another tab view option; you can see the next tips.

4. Firefox Tab Preview

There is a popular and useful option in Microsoft Edge browser! the name of the option is “Tab Preview” All opened tab you can see at once via edge browser. From now you can enjoy the tab preview option in your favorite Mozilla Firefox browser. This feature is not available on default browser configuration. You need to be customized your browser. So you need to enter the hidden interface of enjoying the features.

Firefox no gives you permission to do this. Because the system may be broken. I use these features in Windows 7 and I have no problem. I hope, you will not face any problem. But it is better to turn on these features at your own risk.

-Type about:config on the URL bar and press enter. There is a warning message you will find. Now click on the green button “I’ll be careful, I promise” There is a search bar on the about:config page. Type Ctrl on the search box. There is an option called “browser.ctrlTab.previews” This function is disabled by default mood. You should enable it via double click. After enabling these features now press and hold the Ctrl and press Tab key see the magic now! Is it not an enjoyable feature?

5. The health of your browser

You can check the health of your browser. Your uses and browser performance data firefox always reserved. Firefox gives you technical tips based on these data. This
feature is open by default. But you can off the feature. Just go to the

But if the features have opened, you will able to see much important health report of your Firefox browser such as How much time your browser has crashed, how much time you are using the browser and how much time it took to open, etc others.

6. How to set a master password

It is very important to set a master password. All password you have saved to your Firefox password manager. Anyone can see this saved password. But if you set a master password, nobody can see you saved
the password. To set a master password go to Tools>Options>Security Tab and set a master password.

If you forgot your master password you can reset it via a fancy way. To reset you password type of copy paste this address Chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul on your URL box and press enter. Now you will find a master password reset page. If you want to reset your master password, just click the Reset button under the page. But you should remember that after resetting your master password your previous saved password, usernames and saved email address will be deleted.

7. Some important keyboard shortcut for Firefox:

Are you work with only a mouse pointer? However, at this time you need to
learn some keyboard shortcuts. For flexible and speedy browsing I have given below some important keyboard shortcut for Mozilla Firefox.

*To go to the back/previous page press Alt + Right/Left arrow key
*To Refresh the page press F5 or Ctrl + R
*To Hard Refresh the page press Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R
*To Zoom in/out a page press Ctrl + Plus Sign/Minus Sign (+ / -) or hold the Ctrl + Rotate the mouse wheel. To reset the zoom
Press Ctrl + 0 (zero).
*To open a new window press Ctrl + N
*To Open a new tab press Ctrl + T
*To Open a new Private window press Ctrl + Shift + P
*To Re-open a closed tab press Ctrl + Shift + T
*To Re-open a closed window Ctrl + Shift + N

8. Create Shortcut as you wish

Mozilla Firefox user can create customize shortcut also! If you don’t want to use the default Firefox shortcut; you can customize the default shortcut via addons named Keybinder. To install the addons click here. After installing the extension go the options
of the addons. Now you can find the shortcut customizing option.

9. Customize your browser control panel

Firefox user can customize his browser control panel. Just click on the control panel icon. You can fully customize your Firefox control panel. Add any new tool or remove any tool easily from your browser control panel. See the above screenshot. Firstly click on the control panel (1) button and then click on the + Customize(2) Button. Then you
will find a dragging option.

10. Some new tips about zooming your Mozilla Firefox browser

I have already shared some tips about zooming. But I think you have not informed about Only Text Zooming. Go to View>Zoom>Zoom Text Only

After applying the Zoom Text Only option; Now zoom only texts of any web page. To Zoom in/out a page press Ctrl + Plus Sign/Minus Sign (+ / -) or hold the Ctrl + Rotate the mouse wheel. To reset the zoom Press Ctrl +

11. Tips about media shortcut

Your firefox is very useful for enjoy a media file. Because there is a lot of shortcuts is available on media files. By using key shortcut you can control play, pause, forward, backward, volume up and volume down, etc.
To Pause: Space-bar;
To up/down volume: Up Arrow Key/Down Arrow Key;
To Seek Forward / Backward: Left Arrow Key/Right Arrow Key;
To Beginning Press only the: Home Button from the keyboard;
To end Press Only the: End Button from Keyboard.

12. Automatic URL extensions

Suppose, you want to go a.COM domain like SafeForPC.com, so now just type the main part of a domain name in the URL box such as SafeForPC and press Ctrl + Enter….. your browser will automatically fill-up the domain extension. Crtl + Enter is only for .com extension domain. In this way for the .net extension domains press Shift + Enter, for a
.org extension domain press Ctrl + Shift + Enter!

13. Delete your Private Search from Mozilla Firefox

While any one type any things on the URL bar, Firefox automatically view some same results before you have searched. It could be a matter of shame. So if you browse an adult site or anything private. Firstly open a Private Window (Ctrl + Shift + T) and then browse your private sites. Now you firefox can’t save your search history or browsing history or cookies also!

Also, you can delete a browsed or search result. Select your required URL via arrow key and hit delete.

14. How to scroll a web page without a mouse

Experts are always using the keyboard to do anything. So you should start using
the mouse to scroll your browser. Go to down of the page only press Spacebar from keyboard and press Shift + Spacebar for scrolling up your browser.

15. Some Fun Tips: Type about: Mozilla on the URL box

The twins of Mammon quarreled. Their warring plunged the world into a new darkness, and the beast abhorred the darkness. So it began to move swiftly, and grew more powerful, and went forth and multiplied. And the beasts brought fire and light to the

More Fun too! Such as: Now type about:rotots Welcome Humans! We have come to visit you in peace and with goodwill! If you click the Try Again button, The robot will tell you “Please do not press this button again”

16. Share any web link via Mozilla Firefox

If you have installed the latest version of Firefox click the share this page icon and share any URL in the social media.

17. Use Hello and chat via Mozilla Firefox

This is the great facilities of Firefox. Firefox user can make an audio call, video call or chat to others or clients. No need to download any software or chat application. You can connect your friends or family in an easy way. Firefox will give you a link. This is your browsers calling link. Now share this link to your friends or family or clients and make a call/chat.

If you realized that, this article is very important and useful for an internet user, Please share this article on social media to inform your friends and family.
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My Mozilla working slow man, better switch to edge or chrome
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Wow those are very useful, thank you so much!
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Clear Cookies Once, Clear History, Disable Ad-Blocker If Added.
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Nice tips-----------------
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Nice tips buddy
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very useful tips, thanks buddy!
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thanks for the share!
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appreciate ur work on collecting these info at one place
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usefull info, thanks for sharing
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Splendid piece of information !
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Thanks for sharing tips
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Thanks for sharing
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