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Hello All,

If you are born between 1990-1998 then you might know the importance of our beloved cartoon series ever Pokemon.

So fans where are you? Do you still watch Pokemon? I was a huge fan but due to lack of time, I have stopped watching these.

So, you have any memories with Pokemon? Do you have any favorite Pokemon? Then, please share it here.


Mine story was -

As Belongs to an educated family, my family didn't allow for the cable connection during study days. Only in 2 months of school holidays, we get a cable connection., then we (my brother and me) started watching Pokemon. There was a very huge craze of this at that time. Cheetos and uncle Chips were promoting this by giving Pokemon-themed gifts. After 2 months, when the cable connection gets over, we used to watch Pokemon daily in neighbour house.

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Still air I guess s 23πŸ˜‚-----------------
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I'm 29 and I recently gave all of my Pokemon stickers, cards, tattoos and gods what else stuff I had stored in my playing box. -----------------
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The price of vintage Pokemon cards are skyrocketing
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I once was such a big fan that i drew and nearly remembered the names of most of the pokemons
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Still remember dark Rai and the movie one of my favourite Pokemon movies

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