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Please try this airdrop before January 15th

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This a Binance BNB Air drop.

Please note that when you want to connect this to your wallet, it is better to use two different wallets, as not all are always real, but I have connect my second wallet too.

1. Follow this link https://t.me/bnbbscairdrop_bot?start=704997744

2. Join Thier telegram channel

3. Enter your wallet contract address

4. By January 15th they promised to disbursed to every participants.


Please make sure you use different wallets not your active wallets

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Describe this briefly in some sentences, add images if needed.
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Explain more
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what is this?-----------------
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Explain more please -----------------
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Bro connect metamask or some other wallet? -----------------
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Hi buddies so sorry just seeing this
Although it has expired.
Airdrop is a result of of a release of a new project either Nfts, metaverse etc. The project team give out airdrop as an awareness to the public, the airdrop is a pool of Thier coins or token they released to the public. Some can give 40% or 20% so that when they open trade or sale there will be traffics of people trading with Thier coins. Some people are chosen luckily in this pool.

Yes you can connect your metamask or trust wallet, but what i tell people is that always create another account for any airdrop. When next i will drop any airdrop token here i will keep it more explanatory so that we can participates. Please note that airdrop is free and not to be paid for.
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nice one sharing
You are not logged in, please


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