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Petrol price, have you affected by the hike? Trolls are releasing.

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👉 Are you affected by the petrol and gas price hike in India?
Not sure

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The price of petrol is increasing day by day. The gas price was also increased during the recent days. Both are affecting the common man and the businesses. For myself I can feel the tension both in home and out. These events are affecting me personally because I have to find the extra budget by cutting down the other expenses. I think India government need to take action to reduce the fuel price. Already the economy is down during the covid 19 time. So creating difficulties for the common man will make them suffer alot.
There are lot of funny trolls releasing in social media, I will share just for the fun. The artist just made me laugh at the end.
I am seeing his video for the first time.
#petrol #gas

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Haha.. it's really funny -----------------
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shyam rangeela mast banda hai

English translation specially for our beloved owner

Shyam Rangeela is a Joyful person.
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@Serecomputing I can understand Hindi
I think he has a number of followers there, I just watched one another interview with Akshay Kumar, I think it has more views than the original one

SerecomputingUser is not available now
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Yup.. He got the limelight by "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" .. But he didn't make it to the final.
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Abhi aur jyada jayega

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