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On 2021 what do you expect?

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Mr.Love ™User is offline now
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For many of us 2020 was a bit of sad year as the pandemic had made the life worse in this year, the life went more digital and online. Limitations were implemented in every corner of the world. Now world is hearing about the new modified version of corona virus.
What can we expect in the next year?

Sujit_007User is not available now
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Thanks @Mr.Love ™ for creating this topic.

All I can say is that, 2020 tested our resilience, forcing the world to change on the fly how it lives and works. As we are nearing the end of 2020, we are globally far from seeing the end of the pandemic that ruled and as well as ruined 2020. Every day we see hundreds and thousands of new cases of COVID-19 infections, with the WHO reporting a record one-day rise, while people have a hard time complying with the strict safety measures again. We are all waiting for this nightmare to stop but, no one knows for sure when this pandemic will end.

Below are some of the pointers which I think will emerge in the year ahead:
1. Approved and well tested vaccine by the mid of 2021.
2. Based on recent spread of version 2.0 of COVID-19 and the statement from WHO stating that
the world should be ready for more such pandemic in near future.. I feel wearing masks and social-distancing would more obligatory in the upcoming years.
3. New mutations to be discovered every year and pressure on healthcare to develop vaccines.
4. Lock-downs and curfews to happen sporadically. But, may change the situation in case of multiple waves.
5. In case of travels again I think it would be very limited until end of 2021.
6. Life events - Wedding ceremonies, Sports and Cultural events would be done with limited set of people.
7. For many workers, the 9-to-5 will become a 3-2-2 (Work in office - Work from home - Week off) basically a kind of hybrid model.
8. If the situation continues in the same manner we must get ready for another global recession
9. Brexit will be complete – but negotiations will never end.

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AbhiSonaUser is not available now
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I just need fresh brand new world where we can live tress free
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Jahan33User is not available now
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No one should be hungry and sad... May god will provide these two for mankind-----------------
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JadeUser is not available now
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Sure that is it
BannedUser is not available now
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well, expectaion continues in 2022
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