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Office 2013-2021 C2R Install Lite 7.3.1

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Office 2013-2021 C2R Install Lite 7.3.1



This program designed for on-line installation and activation m!crosoft Office 2013/2016/2019 C2R. You also can create custom installation of Office off-line for using later.

How to use the program:
1. Uninstall Office 2016 via (Control panel) applet "Add or remove Programs".
2. Uninstall Office 2016 using the "Force Remove Office" and restart your computer.
3. Install Office by clicking the "Install Office" button.
4. Go to "Utilities" tab and do the conversion "Office RETAIL => VL".
5. Then click "Activate Office" button.
6. Start KMSAuto Net 2015 and click "Activate Office".

How to use Bookmark Download Office:
Bookmark Download Office serves to create the off-line installation varying versions and editions of m!crosoft Office
with the possibility for the subsequent installation of the product without receiving files from outside..

1. Select the appropriate version of Office, bit and language. I recommend to make a full x86-x64 distribution.
To do this, select the tab-width All (the lowest). Click the Download button and choose a folder to the distribution files.
You can select the folder of the previous session of the program to further develop distribution, or will start a new session.
2. If you want to make multilingual distribution - after complete loading of the first language, switch to the pre-
Executive language, click the Download button, and select the same download folder.
3. After downloading all required bit and spoken recommend creating ISO-image office suite.
To do this, click Create ISO.
4. As a result, in the selected folder you will see a ready to use off-line installer m!crosoft Office
chosen version.
In one session, downloading files does not use different versions of MS Office 2016 and 2013. It is possible to manipulate
with x86-x64 and languages, but not versions. Or use a different folder assignment is. Otherwise you will get unusable distribution.
5. Now you can create multiple projects distributions of return, additions and corrections have
downloaded. You can choice the versions builds. For Office 2013 Branch-choice and does not matter. Always will
be download the most current build. For Office 2016, you can choose the source of download (branch). Button Check version
has been added to check the build number the selected Branch.

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thanks for uploading awasome post-----------------
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yeah nice this lite version is more friendly
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thanks for uploading
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thanks a lot
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this is amazing, I have been looking for this a long time, thanks a lot
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thanks for this!
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