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My Uncle Died Due to COVID-19. Read his story and hospital negligence

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My uncle left the world due to COVID. He was not in a real relationship with me or my family. But a very caring neighbour family who treats our family like there is no difference as such.

He was unwell for around a week. He was taking medicines from a local doctor. My father advised him to go for the corona test but he didn't follow that and the situation gets worsen. On Friday, 16th April Midnight around 1.30 am, he suffered from an extreme breathing problem. His family wanted to call us, but, uncle denies them. In the morning at around 8.30 am, his son called me and said, "Bhaiya, apne papa ko bjh do, mere papa bula rahe hai". (Bro, please send your father on my place, my father is calling.)

My elder brother and father went there. The condition was very bad. Someone on call advised my dad to buy a Pulse oximeter to measure oxygen values in the body. My brother bought it when checked the value, he was shocked. He needed an urgent oxygen cylinder to survive as the value was 45-55 which should be near 99 always for a stable/healthy person.

We have a big new government hospital near our home (around 3 km). They rushed to that hospital. Luckily, in an emergency, they have got the oxygen cylinder. The doctors have done the Corona test and give a negative report as they do not want to keep the critical patient in their hospital as there is no availability of the ICUs. (That may be the reason of course) They refer the patient to the GTB hospital.

Getting an Ambulance with an oxygen cylinder is a tough task. Still, we got it and then uncle got admitted to GTB hospital with an oxygen cylinder too. My father and brother came back to home and they were happy as the situation is in control. Also, we received a call from there that everything is fine and uncle is sitting and talking too. But after a few moments, they did a COVID test and it was positive.

So, the hospital staff told the relatives that we are going to take him to the 5th floor. You guys can't meet as there is some big doctor coming on the round. They were okay that the uncle is going for better treatment. After a few hours, the family didn't get any news from the officials. So, they start inquiring and after some little fights they finally managed to reach the 5th floor but they were shocked to see that all the beds are vacant. They start asking to the people but they replied no patient of this name admitted here in this ward. After a little moment, someone might have said them, that he is now expired.

Then, at night around 1.30 am, we received a call in which his son who is just 18 years old facing all these said, "Bhaiya, Mere papa Expire Ho gaye.. aur ye log bata nahi rahe hai ki Dead Body Kaha pe hai" ([i]Bro, My dad is expired and these guys are not telling properly where they have kept my father's dead body). They called the police also but nothing good happened and then with a lot of efforts, someone clarifies the things that you will not get the body but you will see him a final time in the morning at around 9.30 am.

The things I want to say after this incident..

The hospital is killing people who are critical as they do not have the ICU beds left. Also, they have to show some vacant beds to the government, so they are not admitting them.
The beds and hospital remain vacant for the new patient, they are killing the critical patients by removing their life support systems to let them die so that they can use the oxygen cylinder and bed space to the next patient. In this process, they hide the patient for few hours and then report to the family that the person is no more.

For the hospitals and the government, it is just one case/patient. But for the family, that person was their world. The uncle has 2 children, a boy and a girl. The girl age is 19 and the boy age is 18. They cleared the 12th exams last year and don't know how they will survive in Delhi city. With a very little salary of the uncle, they manage to run the house well but with no savings and insurances.
The relatives are also not doing any financial help but we are doing and will do the best for that family because they are like our family from 3 years.

The uncle was a very good man and very helpful. But still, he is gone now. This COVID is not attacking after watching the people nature. So, it doesn't matter whether you are a good or a bad person. If you will get the COVID and will not cure on time. You will DIE. This is the Universal Truth.

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Very sad to hear this incidence. Covid has created lot of distance within the minds of people, I heard from news that in Delhi conditions are worse. While reading this I remember the situation in Italy, things seems to be moving towards it.
In hospital there are less facilities considering this outbreak. Even earlier hospitals used to remove the support systems if they feel the patient is about to die. Even I felt the same with my mother, they care less than the family. It is a reality that we can't accept. For them he was just a patient like other patients, but for family he was everything.
There is no return back as he has passed away.
I pray and wish the family to return back to their life again.
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#3 sb hospital ki negligence h.. covid ward mei camera hona chahiye taki hm apne relative ko dekh ske.
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Very sad news bro. Many hospital do this type of neglency. They refused to take admissions patient.

R. I. P your uncle.
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Corona has no karuna.
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May his Soul Rest In Peace... And May God strenghten and help his family in this difficult time...

Covid-19positive is our Death Certificate not only because it's a deadly and highly infectious air-borne disease, but also it is causing deaths in huge numbers due to the Political Rivalry, which parties are harbouring against each other and they are desperate to encash the situation, in the process they are hiding all the shortcomings, apathy and hazards even deaths (State Govts are doing this)... Central Govt lacks Plan and Heart to accept the fact that situation is out of control... It is as adamant as ever that it DOESN'T WANT TO ADMIT that, It has committed it's share of blunders too by Exporting Vaccines and Oxygen Cylinders to other countries without sparing a thought of worst case scenario... First priority should have been our countrymen and women but Alas!

Businesses Lost
Lives Lost
Daily wages Lost
Economics GDP every is being Lost

And Now, Trust is alos being Lost....
My words might offend some people... I'm sorry for that but, once you pay a visit to a Crematorium or Graveyard and you shall know why I said so... Guys take care of yourselves your near and dear ones also if possible help needy and give some food to Stray Dogs and Stray Animals and of course Street Dwellers...

Remember, 1st wave wasn't that dangerous but 2nd wave will be.. Till September.... Then, there will be a 3rd one which won't be as dangerous as that of former two..... Tc
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Sad..May his soul rest in peace
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Condolences brother... I heard many stories like this...
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i was sorry to hear about your loss rip
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I understand you bro, It happened something similar to me recently
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Rest in peace for your uncle bro...
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deep Condolences bro
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May his soul rest in peace!
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rip sorry for your uncle...
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