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Lagta Hai kisi war ke liye ya kisi ko tees karne ke liye khade hai..

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Wel Come to the Thread Doston...

Kuch jane mane cricket players apne batting styles itna mashhoor huwe hai ki hassi roki nahi jaati... Par Batting bhi kamal ka karte hai usme koyi sandeh nahi...

Lets begin....

1. Shivnarine Chanderpaul

One of the greatest West Indies cricketers and most-capped player for them in Tests, Shivnarine Chanderpaul perhaps had the most weird-looking batting stance. He had a front-on stance, wherein he stood with his chest facing the bowler and bat resting in front of his legs. Both his eyes would firmly be stationed on the bowler every time he came running in.
He stood at a 90-degree-angle to the normal batting position. The cricketer however never had any issue with his unusual stance, as it helped him score tons of runs, 30 Test hundreds at an average over 50.

2. George Bailey

The former Australian skipper often took a stance in which, his back faces the bowler and his bat stands right in front of the fielder at point. He keeps his back foot very side-on. This lists him among the batsmen with a funny batting stance.
Bailey once said after the game that my tendency when the ball is swinging is to turn my hip to face the bowler, which then makes my hands lead out and it would get me into a lot of trouble. So it’s just something I’ve been tinkering with to try and make sure my back foot stays as side-on as possible.

3. Rory Burns

The Surrey skipper has a quirky style when he bats with his chin rubbing against his right shoulder as he takes his stance before crouching and getting ready to play. He does it as part of his routine, and it helps because he is left-eye dominant so it allows him to get the best sight of the bowlers and the ball.
And yet Burns knows that the lot of any new batsman to Test cricket is the forensic levels of scrutiny that goes with the job as former players pick over every detail of what you do right and crucially what you do wrong.

4. Steve Smith

Steve Smith too, has a bizarre stance. He stands with a considerable gap separating his feet and keeps swerving his bat. He shuffles and walks across the line before playing a shot and gets them executed, thanks to his high back-lift.
At times, Smith ends up irritating the bowlers and even viewers with too much shuffling across. But this batting style has made him the top batsman in the world across formats.

5. Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen had an unusual batting stance and technique. Whenever he came out to bat, Pietersen would stand at the crease with his feet wide apart from each other and played with a high backlit. The distance between his legs would be so much that a small-sized vehicle may easily pass through the gap. Further, he would keep shuffling and walking across the pitch, making it all the more difficult for the bowlers to bowl at. However, this never proved out to be costly for the English cricketer as he always remained very concentrated while batting on the crease. KP went on to score a total of 8,181 runs in his 104-match test career.

Inko iss position me dekh kar hassi agar ruk gayi ho to apna keemati vicharonko comment kar dena...

Agar aapke nazar me koyi aur bats man ka style anokha laga tho post kar dena...-----------------
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Nice share bro...
Thanks & Enjoy
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Are Bhai Dada ke Batting style kaise miss kr dea
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New cricketers ka to pata tha .. ye old wale to aur funny hai
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