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Install Kali Linux In Any Android Without Root

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There are a lot of benefits of installing Kali on your Android. And things get really good when all these things are available without root.

By this method, you can install

Distributions• Kali Linux ,ubantu ,debian
Browsers• Firefox ( desktop)
Desktop• Lxde Xfce
Development• Python Ide, Git

Steps To Setup -

Step#1 These are the two apps that you have to install on your android.

UserLand - Free Download
VNC Viewer - Free Download

Step#2 After Download Install Them like you normally install any APP.

Step#3 Open Userland App Now you will see the list of the above-mentioned distro (kali) and other available options

Step#4 Choose any which you want to install on your device.

Step#5 Then, it will ask you to create a username and password, create any username and password which you can keep in your genius brain.

Step#6 Now choose connection type "VNC"

Step#7 The environment will be created for you.

Step#8 After that just click on that distro which you chooses in step#4 and you will connect to it in VNC viewer app, VNC will ask password simply put there which we created in step#5

Enjoy Now you can install multiple things its depend on you

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Perfect 🙂
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Thanks bro
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Great share bro
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Great. Thanks man
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