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Why Learning Economics is Important?

Learning economy is essential to understand the current scenario of our financial stability. If we learn economy we will have an idea about how the economy progresses during the current situation and as well as what will be the future of our economic status.Being aware of economy gives you an idea where to invest our money for more gains.

How Gaurav Agarwal's book will help you?

The book here I am going to review is Indian economy written by Gaurav Agarwal especially for the students of civil service examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission. The book uses a story telling approach which I will enhance our critical analysis of different economical terms. The book is published by Pearson. While the budget of 2023 of INDIA is included along with this. Hopefully the other will update the budget of 2024 sooner.

What are the special features of this book?

The book includes picturographic explanation which can be used to represent ideas through pictures. It will give you idea about the concept through mind maps. The chapters include different graphs as well. The book is written with previous year questions of civil services exam of Union and Public Service Commission. The book goes through the question several times with explanations which will surely help the students for a better understanding.

How this book will help common readers?

Considering the common public readers the book will be useful to understand the economy and the structure of Share Markets and how inflations occur in the global economy. I think the book will enhance your understanding about inflations and you can be able to predict the situation which will lead to inflations. It may help to invest more accurately in the economy. For a common reader if he is not aware of economy this book will surely enlighten the mental concepts.

A sample concept

Why we see inflation as a curse in domestic market it will help our product to gain more in exportation. How this happens the book explains this in detail.
I think I will update this review when I complete the reading along with the concept which are major for understanding.
Stay tuned!

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