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I wanna know some tip

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Im marriage 2 time but divorce its because of i m listening my wife n anoder men will make love n sexy talking thans why i m getting angry n divorce my wife after tat everybody tell me to get marriage because i live alone n in my lintenig every body on her sopport the told u have to live with her n obey her oder all fault is my but in reality my wife do affear every ting but i do noting n divoce n now in my linteling all body tell me all fault is my 24 hours i m listening this thats n thats to much hurtable talking about me n insulting me what is d problem plz help me

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It is not one person's problem, it is common nowadays.
I don't know what job are you having or do you have time for being in romantic affair. But when women do not get they wanted they try to get it from someone else.
Psychology of every woman is not same. It depends on many features.
Age, education, religious belief, family, economical status, interests, etc.
When age difference is too much there is a chance of generation gap. Education level of both partners may be important in some cases as women mostly obey more educated husband. If women has a religious belief there is a chance she will behave well. Family is where she learned the basic concepts, especially her father -mother relationship.
You should try to understand what you are not giving her and what she wanted. Women like husband with care and support through out the life, not only at the time of sex.

I don't know why you are getting 'orders'. Are you sure that she is making you do something forcefully? What is that thing? Is it related to something that you must do for the family such as job? Are you the man who clean the kitchen?
In case you are not doing your duties like going to job or earning money then it is your fault, you may need to change your habit. Also see communication is important, keep love in your phone calls.
If she gives 'orders' always, better you goto her home and learn the father - mother relationship, or discuss your issues with her father in a friendly manner for finding a solution.
Emotion is not the answer always. I think you need to solve issues peacefully.
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i want flingster acc
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