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How to share a good movie review | Movie section rules

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Section Rules
? Obey global rules, terms and conditions and DMCA policy in the section. Those topics which is reported against the above mentioned will be removed and appropriate action will be taken.
? This forum is to give information about movies only, so always use this section for that purpose. Inappropriate threads will be moved to the appropriate sections.
? The staff members will modify your post if they found appropriate in certain circumstances. Our aim is to keep the forum nice and clean with an order.
? Always appreciate those who work hard, thank and give them reputes to encourage them for their dedication.
? We are not interested to violate any copyrights, so incase you see your copyrights are broken kindly send us a notice using contact form keeping the DMCA report format given in our DMCA policy.
? Search before posting your topics here using search feature. Duplicate topics will be removed, you can post your reviews in existing threads if that topic has already posted in the forum.
? The images and videos shown in the tags is of their respective owners. Frendz4m has no liabilities on it, we just display them because they are available for public information.
? The rules of this section may be updated when there is a need, so keep a track on this thread always.
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Review Format
Following tips will help you to understand how can you create a good review.
? Give proper title including the movie name in the topic box while you create a topic to review a movie.
? In the message box use appropriate colors and tags to make your topic look beatiful. Use yt tag to include youtube videos to support your topics. In the same way use img tags to share the appropriate Images.
? Include movie poster, director, producer, star crew, plot, music composers, imdb rating etc.
?Include officially released trailors, and promos including video songs from youtube and other channels. You can also include link to watch if the movie is released digitally in YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, Jio Movies etc. We currently support tag only for youtube. Use url tag to link other channels like Hotstar and Netflix.

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A sample review:
Title : 2.0
IMDB URL : https://m.imdb.com/title/tt5080556/
Rating : 6.3/10
Votes :20,732
Genres : Action, Sci-Fi
Country : IND
Language : Hindi, Tamil
Runtime : 148 min
Release Date : 29 November 2018
Directors : S. Shankar
Producers : K. Karunamoorthy | Gaurav Misra | Siddarth Prakhash | A. Subaskaran
Plot : After mobiles start mysteriously flying out of the hands of people in Chennai, Dr Vaseegaran summons his trusted robot Chitti to ward off the bird-shaped supernatural powers of Pakshirajan.
Story : 8 years after Chitti was dismantled due to destruction he caused. Vaseegaran has created new human robot Nila which can understand human feelings better. The cell phones in the city start to disappear from everywhere. A creature in the form of bird creates havoc in the city causing destruction. Vaseegaran believes it to be the fifth element force and decides to get Chitti back in action. When Vaseegaran traces the location of missing cellphones with help of Chitti and Nila he finds that its not the fifth force but a human force done by late professor Pakshi Rajan.
Trailor :

My review : This is just a story having top stars and crew members. You can watch it because it is a big production, story may be just above average.
Watchable links : At the time of writing this review no links available for this, but just enquire me by pms to know whether there is an online release.

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