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Hollywood Movies That Were Inspired By Bollywood

1. A Common Man (2013)– A Wednesday (2008)
Chandran Rutnam had to cast Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley to pull off Naseeruddin Shah's character from A Wednesday . Yes, A Common Man is not just inspired but is an official remake of Neeraj Pandey's masterpiece.


2. Delivery Man (2013)– Vicky Donor (2012)
The difference between the two movies may lie in the plot and the fact that Vince Vaughn's sperm donations amounted to a total of 533 kids being born as compared to Ayyushman's 53 (guess Vince is more fertile). But the basic idea of the film, sperm donation, has been inspired by Vicky Donor .

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3. Fear (1996)– Darr (1993)
Apart from the name (direct translation) and the love triangle, the epic scene of the stalker, Shahrukh Khan, carving K-K-K-Kiran's name on his chest has also been adapted by James Foley in his American thriller, Fear .


4. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! (2004)– Rangeela (1995)
Well the best friend may not be a tapori as portrayed by Aamir Khan, but the basic plot of the movie is a girl caught in a love triangle between her best friend and a movie star.


5. Kill Bill (2003)- Abhay (2001)
Though the plot differs, this famous thriller by Quentin Tarentino had action sequences which he himself told Anurag Kashyap were inspired by the Kamal Hassan-starrer Abhay .

Abhay was the hindi adaptation of Aalavandhan (a 2001 Tamil film) which also starred Kamal Hassan.

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6. Pearl Harbor (2001)- Sangam (1964)
Pearl Harbor was less about Pearl Harbor but more about a romantic love triangle between two best friends and a girl. Plots for both movies are fairly similar and the only difference between the two movies was that Sangam had only one friend as a pilot whereas its Hollywood counterpart had both.


7. Leap Year (2010)– Jab We Met (2007)
The makers of Leap Year claimed the movie was not inspired by Jab We Met . But why don't you decide for yourself? A bubbly, highly-talkative girl on her way to propose to her boyfriend meets a stranger and shares a hotel room with him. They fall in love, get separated but eventually re-unite and get married.


8. Just Go With It (2011)- Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (2005)
Jennifer Aniston=Sushmita Sen & Adam Sandler=Salman Khan. Yes, that does not really add up, but the basic plots of both movies are very similar.

Both these movies were inspired by Cactus Flower (1969) but with a different storyline.


9. Hitch (2005)- Chhoti Si Baat (1975)
We are all aware that the Bollywood movie Partner is said to be a copy of Hitch. But it looks like Hitch itself was inspired by the plot of Chhoti Si Baat where a guy who fails to woo a girl takes help of a man who makes it his profession to help people with similar problems.


10. Divorce Invitation (2012)- Aahwanam (1997)
Interestingly, S.V. Krishnan Reddy himself recreated his Tamil romantic comedy for the Hollywood Box Office featuring Jonathan Bennett and Jamie L. Sigler.

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Try posting all in one post... tfs.
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ok p r k
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