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Hi Eveyone

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I Have Joined Fourum In 2009 With The Username Goldenshark.Due To Rules Breaking And Abusive Language Mod Banned This Id.

In 2012 I came Up With New Username i.e Eminemrap Inspire From His Rap Songs I Created This Id. After Requesting All Mods They Allow Me To Re join Then My New Journey Started With FF.

I Have Started Songs Uploading In Music Mania And Posting SMS In Sms Section. Then Fourum Given Me Rank SMS EXPERT. Today Also Same Name Thrd Is i maintain Mega Sms Thrd

After Forum Blocked And Started Now I Created New Username Crash Tv. Thats it

Dont no Exact Year But As mentioned is true... -----------------
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Welcome buddy
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Keywords:eveyone, joined, fourum, username, goldenshark, breaking, abusive, language, banned, eminemrap, inspire, created, requesting, journey, started, uploading,
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