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Helpful Videos - 💪 Health and Fitness 💪

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I'm into fitness for a long time and therefore, my Youtube always filled with a lot of informative content. I will try to share here all the informative and actually good videos.
Because, these days, liars and fake people sharing information with full confidence and people get confused about what to choose and who to follow in between them.

Everyone on YouTube is working for money. That Ethics. But to get more views, people use unethical information and confuse normal people. So, ready to bust the myths and follow the good.
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There is a channel named "We R Stupid". This guy always explains the things which are according to reports of researches.

Today he has uploaded this video which is very important for everyone. Must watch -

Why Young and Fit People are Getting Heart Attacks?

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All the best for this new endeavor, waiting to see your health building tips.

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Good one @Serecomputing

Very useful..
Thanks & Enjoy
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FitTuber channel. The owner name is Vivek. He always tries to share the best things to eat according to Ayurveda.

Check out this video who is suffering from Hair Loss.

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Sometimes, we don't know the deficiency of the Vitamins in our body without any blood test. And these things affect us at a later stage when the situation becomes worst.
So, to prevent this, you can watch this video and judge yourself which Vitamin deficiency you are having and how you can prevent it.

Must Watch Video By FitTuber -

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mast hai bhai...
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Are you addicted to using Tea/Coffee and can't live without it? Then you must aware of the pros and cons of both.

Beautifully explained by Vivek in his new video both ayurvedic way and modern sciences.

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I loved the tea/coffee video
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