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Hello FF family!

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Sujit_007User is offline now
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Hello FF family! Hope you all are doing good.

First I would like to thank @Mr.Love ™ for creating this topic and thereby giving us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and know each other better. bravo

Here is my short bio:

Name: Sujit (as the name suggests!)
Place of residence: Mumbai. Maharashtra, India
Hobbies: Photography, Maintaining aquarium, Playing games, Interacting with people
That's all about myself!

And yeah, even I was old FF member. It was pleasure joining forum back again. Hope to see old family joining our forum soon! image-----------------
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Mr.Love ™User is not available now
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Welcome back to ff.

AbhiSonaUser is not available now
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Welcome bro
Crash_TV_User is not available now
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Welcome Bro...

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