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Frendz4m New Policy 2021

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Frendz4m New Policy

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing good.

First of all I want to thank each and everyone of you for being a part of Frendz4m. All of your contributions in some or the other way helped us grow and flourish.

Reflecting back I can still recollect our forum whose sole purpose was to provide content for users. But, now as we move ahead along with time our needs, priorties and preferences change. Having said that and in order to make this transition happen smoothly as part of improving the quality of frendz4m, we are making couple of changes to the policy of frendz4m as given below:
👉 Frendz4m will act as a forum instead of being a download portal.
👉 Frendz4m will give more focus on market section, deals, offers, gprs tricks and other general services.
👉 A special request section is opened for members to ask help from fellow members.
👉 The expert help can be used through private messages only.
👉 We will enforce our terms and DMCA policy to keep the quality of forum.
👉 We have included some advertisements for capturing some investments for our future plans (Our future plans include buying quality articles from users).
👉 The authors of the posts have the credits and the responsibility of their posts.
👉 Violation of terms will result in action.
👉 Staff members may edit your posts in case the feel the posts missing some standards.
👉 We will not tolerate one line topics. The main post need to have some contents and descriptions in it.

Frendz4m is moving more towards being a social community. We need to go to a global community. To make the links share able across the social media we require a policy change. The project is planned for the long run of the forum and to achieve this goal all we need is support from your side.

That's all for now folks. All I can say is that grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax! Because more exciting and awesome content awaiting for you! Stay tuned.
Thank you.
Frendz Staff

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