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Forget DC and MCU, Be prepare for Bhai Cinematic Universe

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You all might be thinking of Marvel vs. DC universe and there is no competition of all of them. For their superheroes, they have spent a lot of money to hire expensive actors. But, India has Salman Khan who is all above any superhero. But, we poor people don't aware of this or we never focused on this thing before but it happened after watching "The Flash" avatar of Sallu Bhai in the movie Radhe.


Not just that, in the long career span, Salman Khan appeared as superheroes many times. Sallu Bhai is One Man Army Check this out -

Bhai as the sword-wielding warrior is a stark reminder of our favourite hammer-wielding Asgardian.


Bhai can certainly use that shield as well as he can use that sword. Just like a certain captain we all know and love!


And who does not know about his skills as a shooter!


Or his "strange" ability to bend time, space, and logic?


Who is the man in the red suit, flying through the sky? It's neither Superman, nor Iron Man. It's just Salman, in one of his many avatars.


Bhai does not guard galaxies. Galaxies guard bhai, because it's not easy holding in all this talent.


And everyone knows, you don't make Bhai angry! angry


Bhai's characters are a vision of the future of Bollywood. *shudders*


In fact, a single cinematic universe is not enough to hold all the characters Bhai can play.


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It's too much true
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Super Power: Gaadi driver chala raha tha
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Next movie of Bhai shall be directed by Subash Ghai....
Nice post laughing
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hahahaha, bhai as thanos is left
lolutan9999User is not available now
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next bhai movie will be bhai defeating covid
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What has been seen cannot be unseen haha
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well done.
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really... laughing
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Really funmy
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