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Flat Equalizer – Bass Booster All Unlocked

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Flat Equalizer – Bass Booster



Description :
Equalizer, Bass Boost, Volume Booster, and Virtualizer for your phone that follows Google’s Material Design.
You can control the Equalizer FX, Bass Boost, Sound Boost, and Virtualizer independently, which means you don’t need to enable EQ to enable Bass Boost.
To get the best results, pair this app with your best headphones. If you don’t have a pair of headphones or if you want to use a speaker, you can still enjoy good music with our app. This is also a great speaker booster if you use a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music or if you use a good music system with a subwoofer.
Listen to the top songs in your music library with the best audio control & bass booster app for Android!
This app has various features including 10-band EQ to equalize your music, amp, bass boost, 3D virtualizer, reverb, slider volume & audio control.

Features of Flat Equalizer – Bass Booster apps :

– Minimal Flat UI, Follows Google’s Material Design
– Dark and Light Themes
– Regular Updates
– Presets including Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock.
– Bass Booster Effect
– Volume Booster Effect
– Loudness Enhancer Effect
– Surround Sound Effect
– 10 Bands
– Save new presets

Features of Flat Equalizer – Bass Booster mod :

– All Unlocked
– Advertise Removed

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Flat Equalizer – Bass Booster

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