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Earn for thread views[terms || conditions] -Frendz4m

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Hi dears,
This thread is intended to give the terms and conditions of Earn for thread views program. Currently the program in test mode and will be alive soon after our monetization hits the quota.
Let me tell you the terms and conditions of this:
  1. First and the foremost, this is just a feature for rewarding active users who share content on frendz4m. All the decisions regarding the disputes will be taken by Frendz4m.org domain owner.
  2. The users can share the contents on their own responsibility.
  3. Any actions which tries to abuse the system by leading to fake views, including creating duplicate accounts will lead to removal of fraud views or even the closure of main account.
  4. This is an agreement of mutual trust, if you don't trust then you can anytime stop your activities.
  5. Lose of data due to calamities: while we try our best to keep the forum alive always, it is possible to lose all information due to natural calamities, server failure or such things. In such cases, both of us will have loses. Don't worry about it much, but we try our best to keep the forum online.
  6. How views are considered:
  7. We consider thread views of your own threads by other users than yourself in member viewable sections. Trashed or special section threads will not get counted. In case of removal of your thread to a special section from normal section you will lose the views and earnings for that particular topic, this is to avoid creating low quality topics.
  8. Estimated rate per views : Currently 0.05 INR
  9. Payment terms : The minimum payout is not yet decided as we are currently raising the funds for this program through google adsense.
  10. Banned users will lose their earnings completely.

User Doubts

  1. How to give benefits to other users who post content in others' threads? Is it fair to give benefit only to owner of thread?
  2. Answer. You can always hire people to post in your thread by giving some share to them

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You Beauty Jauhar ???
Keep It Up ☝️-----------------
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SerecomputingUser is not available now
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Good Initiative
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KRAZYUser is not available now
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Commendable job of lauding a content creator's job.... Awesome @Mr. Love... -----------------
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DevilUser is not available now
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seems nice initiative-----------------
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BadshabthUser is not available now
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Great decision for who post regularly -----------------
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BannedUser is not available now
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this is a very good initiative
NicolinnUser is not available now
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Thanks guys good to be back
nidaoUser is not available now
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i think this is greaet gm2
Conrad1234User is not available now
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excellent, keep it up
DentrentUser is not available now
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This is a great incentive for people to post threads.
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