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Daily Physical Exercises Everyone Must Do

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Importance of exercise

Exercises keep our mind and body healthy. It gives us pleasant experience that improve our overall life. It to reduces body fat and overweight. It reduces the chances of cardiovascular or heart diseases. It improves our self esteem and confidence for socializing. If you are reduces stress and depression. While it increases the blood flow to the organs, it significantly reduces high blood pressure. It is a prevention for diabetes and cholesterol if used consistently. Excercises will keep you young and avoid premature aging.

4 Types of exercises to follow daily

1. Endurance Exercise
2. Resistance Excercise
3. Flexibility Excercise
4. Balance Exercise

Endurance Exercise

This is also known as aerobic exercises. It improves our breathing and heart beating rates. These exercises mostly focus on our heart, lungs and circulatory system.
Some of the physical exercises that you can do everyday are
1. Jogging - brisk walking or walk with medium speed. Better to do when sun is down if you are going outdoor
2. Dancing - just dance by giving more body actions especially to your legs and hands. You will have have an interesting mind with low stress after a dance.
3. Swimming - you have to use safety measures if you don't know how to swim well.
4. Playing tennis or volleyball - play with your friends and keep socializing
5. Climbing stairs or Hills - train your legs slowly, take adequate rest.
6. Cycling - cycle by seeing good landscape will give you more relaxation along with physical fitness
Just focus on some of these activities each day. You don't need to do every exercises to get a maximum benefits. Start with mild activity and take precautions of your health including using water to drink.

Resistance Excercise

This is also called strength exercise. It improves your strength and build strong muscles. It focuses on hip and legs. Strong muscles will help you to do daily activities easily. Some of the exercises you can do to increase your strength are
1. Weight lifting - start with mild weight lifting
2. Gripping a tennis ball - take a ball in hand and press with your fingers maximum and squeeze the ball
3. Using a resistance band - you can buy a resistance band and use it for exercise
4. Wall pushups - do push up on the wall with pressure
Don't forget to breath in when you are relaxed and breath out when you are lifting or pushing.

Flexibility Excercise

Having a flexible body helps us to do lot of daily activities with speed.
1. Ankle stretch - stretch your legs and hands through excercise
2. Back of leg stretch - do leg stretching consistently
3. Yoga Excercises - if you know yoga techniques then you can use yoga exercises as well.

Balance Exercise

Improving body balance helps to avoid falling and improve body structure.
1. Stand on one foot - set a timer and focus on increasing the time
2. The heel-to-toe walk. - it increases your concentration as as well as body balance
3. Sit and stand excercise - you can use a chair if needed.

Don't over excercise

Over exercising will kill your energy as well as it will restrict the body to heal the muscles. So that slowly and consistently.
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Over exercising should be stopped.

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