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Congress-Left-ISF alliance fighting for political relevance, hopes to be kingmaker

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With the poll narrative for the assembly poll in West Bengal sharply polarized between the ruling TMC and opposition BJP,
the Congress-Left-ISF alliance is fighting to prove the political relevance of the parties
in it and is pinning its hopes to be the kingmaker in case of a fractured mandate.


The Congress and CPI-M-led Left Front,
which has been pushed to the margins of politics in Bengal after ruling it for 34 long years,
has waived their ideological and political differences and
came together for the second time after the 2016 assembly polls.

The Indian Secular Front(ISF) of cleric Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui is the new entrant to the "unlikely" coalition of the former rivals of secular, communist and religious forces. For Congress and the Left, the Bengal assembly poll this time is a battle for political survival after being squeezed out of the state's poll arena.

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