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Celebrities Before And After Losing Weight

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An incredible transformation also affected Adele. To lose weight, the singer hired a personal trainer and began to follow a special diet. And the result was a dropped 45 kg.

Olga Kartunkova


It's hard to believe that the photograph is the same person. The star of the show "Once Upon a Time in Russia" Olga Kartunkova was able to lose 85 kg. According to her, all you need is sports and proper nutrition.

Rebel Wilson


Comedian Rebel Wilson has lost 35 kg thanks to nutrition and exercise. She attended the gym 6-7 days a week, with a focus on cardio and strength training.

Svetlana Permyakova


Svetlana always accepted herself in any weight. But in order to get pregnant, the actress had to lose 20 kg.

Chris Pratt


For the role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt dropped 30 kg. To get in shape, he worked with a personal trainer and nutritionist. His workouts included running, swimming and boxing.

Jonah Hill


Jonah Hill lost significant weight for the first time in 2014. The actor attributed his weight loss to a reduction in beer consumption and constant work in the gym. The result is minus 50 kg.

Britney Spears


In the life of a pop princess, there were black stripes, which led to a rapid weight gain. But Britney was able to pull herself together by dropping 20 kg. A low-carb diet, dance, and exercise helped her do this.

Ekaterina Skulkina


The star of the Comedy Woman show used to weigh 94 kg. Thanks to proper nutrition and exercise in the gym, the comedian was able to lose 20 kg in three months. Which I am very happy about.

Natalia Bochkareva


The actress was able to lose weight from 120 kg to 60 in just a year. The main rule is to move a lot and not eat at night.

Christina Aguilera

The singer managed to lose 30 kg. Her secret is a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and proper rest.

Mariah Carey


The singer said that she tries to exercise three times a week and instead of three large meals a day, she eats several small portions. As a result - minus 30 kg.

Nastya Kamenskikh


The singer has always been a little in the body. But after the hate comments on the network, Nastya decided to go on a diet and go in for sports. As a result - minus 25 kg.

Melissa McCarthy

The actress managed to lose 35 kg. According to her, she stopped over-analyzing, thinking, overdoing it with diets and sports. And at such a relaxed pace I was able to lose weight.

John Goodman


Weight problems accompanied the actor throughout his career. His first step to losing weight was to quit alcohol. Then he revised his diet, eating lean meat, fruits, vegetables. As a result - minus 45 kg.

Lolita Milyavskaya


The impetus for losing weight for the singer was not diet and sports, but a divorce from her fifth husband. On this basis, she lost 15 kg and is not going to stop there.

Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson was able to lose 45 kg. She worked with a famous trainer, walked 12,000 steps a day, slept for at least seven hours, and ate three meals a day.

Kelly Osbourne


Kelly resin lose weight by 40 kg. In 2018, she decided to have stomach surgery. Now the girl monitors her diet, goes in for sports and gave up alcohol.

Hilary Duff


After giving birth, Hilary gained 14 kg, but she was able to lose them very quickly. A balanced diet, sports, avoiding fried, salty and fatty foods - that's what helped her regain her shape.

Anfisa Chekhova


Proper nutrition and yoga classes helped the TV presenter lose 15 kg.

Roza Syabitova


The main matchmaker of Russia was able to lose 10 kg after a divorce from her husband. The woman signed up for a gym and took care of her health.

Seth Rogen


For the role in the film, the actor had to lose 13 kg. According to him, it was rather difficult.

Kirsty Ellie


The actress was able to lose weight by 50 kg. She had to give up many of her favorite foods. Ellie now counts calories, moves more, and often rides her bike around town.

Khloe Kardashian


According to Chloe, her biggest weight loss success is working out in the gym. Plus a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. This helped her lose 15 kg.

Kelly Clarkson


To lose 20 kg, Kelly Clarkson eliminated foods such as beans, legumes, whole grains and some vegetables from her diet.

Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer recovered greatly after the birth of her son, but proper nutrition and exercise helped her to cope with excess weight. The singer and actress managed to lose 39 kilograms.

Janet Jackson


The singer recovered greatly after the birth of her daughter. But thanks to strength training, dancing and proper nutrition, Janet was able to lose 35 kg.

Kate Hudson


Kate lost 12 kg just by eating the right diet. According to the actress, you need to understand what exactly you eat.

Ariel Winter


The actress was helped to lose weight by intensive workouts in the gym and refusal of antidepressants.

Gohar Avetisyan


A popular makeup artist has repeatedly complained to her subscribers about her excess weight and the inability to lose it. Finally, her efforts were not in vain. Minus 30 kg is a result that will delight any girl.

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Fat Britney was hot AF
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