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Celebrating the 10 Years of Lifting World Cup with Twitter Reactions

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Being an Indian, it's great to see our team is winning and no matter which sport it is, but when it comes to Cricket, then Cricket is the life of many people. People enjoy, show their emotions to the win and loss of the Indian Cricket Team. In 2019, India lost the chance to lift the world cup once again. But here, we are celebrating in this thread for the

10th anniversary of the lifting of the World cup

which the Indian cricket team made possible in 2011 after defeating Sri Lanka


Everyone remembered the winning shot of MS Dhoni. But Gambhir played the most important inning in the finals of 97 runs.


It was a great inning by him but let's see what he says to a news channel danda

It doesn’t feel like yesterday. Not for me at least. It’s been what, 10 years now? I am not a person who looks back too much. Obviously, it’s a proud moment but you know what, it’s time for Indian cricket to move forward. Probably, now it’s time that we win the next World Cup ASAP," Gambhir, now a member of Parliament, was quoted as saying by news agency

Here are some Twitter reactions -


4 thanks:

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Thanks bro for this sweet memories
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When Sachin lifted the world cup, it was like dream come true for me.
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Superb memories
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During 2004, When Australia has made a big target around 350 Runs, the first ball six of Sehwag to Brett Lee was hopeful, But I remember the fourth ball of that over which Sehwag got out, I was just a teen sleeping with dreams of world cup being lifted by India, I still remember that day, my bro was just hearing radio with sadness, around 4'O clock he said, India lost and all out at 125, Sachin is crying with the player of the series trophy. It was a horrible night.
I was an ardent fan of cricket till the retirement. In 2010 I watched the world cup final and I remember this match.

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Superb memories

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