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Can you guess the use of these things?

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It is about 12 inches long, made of wood, and wrapped in leather. Maybe something to do with boots?
A: It's a boot jack


Kitchen utensil I’ve had forever I just don’t know what it does or how to use it.
A: Corn stripper


What kind of antique scissors are these?
A: Bettlenut scissors


What is this small round object poking out of the wheel arch of this Adelaide City bus, I've not seen it on any other busses
A: It's a guided bus


Found in an old garage. Thin layers of copper not very weighty
A: It's a decorative ball


Thought this might be for candles but the holes are rather small and I don’t know why one side is elevated above the other. Any ideas?
A: Looks like a manorah (sp?)- like the Jewish Hanukkah thing


Found in an old house built in 1914, the little gold pins spin if you pull the red cord through. Made by siemens btw.
A: Razor blade sharpener


What is this green round object found in my grandparents garden. It is made out of plastic with a round plate and a separate cylinder on top of it and two straw like pipes both on top and bottom.
A: That's a slug trap.


What is this small rubber thing I found in my throat when I coughed up a loogie after I woke up this morning? Earring for scale
A: A gum massager that broke off of a powered toothbrush.


Flying over the Rocky Mountains I noticed horizontal lines across the snow on many mountainsides. What would cause snow to melt/accumulate in this pattern in the mountains?
A: Snow fences to control wind drifted snow in avalanches prone areas.


I see these in tarmac pavements (sidewalk) everywhere. Always wonder what they are, what their purpose is. Possibly UK specific. They are approximately the size of a 10p piece.
A: They are surveyors nails.


Found in deceased WW2 Veterans Toolbox, no clue what it is but the guy loved woodworking.
A: It's a fire starting kit


What is the purpose of this thing in the middle of the ashtray?
A: Matchbook holder


Friend was given about 100 of these. About 30mm wide and 30mm tall. We think they may be to do with sewing but Google turns up nothing.
A: The large hollow in the middle is to store the knotted end of the cord or drawstring. I have never seen this particular design, but I've seen similar ones.


What is this structure under a jetty?
A: It is an art installation.


I found in the trunk of my car? it's dry and brittle. falls apart when you touch it.
A: Looks like a dried whelk egg case.


Steel rod sticking up from living room floor, it’s about two inches tall and can be moved left or right.
A: It's the gas fireplace globe valve.


Concrete tower about three feet tall with a metal ring attached to the top. Another concrete block next to it, but shorter and no metal attachments. Found outside a home (adjacent to the street) in a historic district in Georgia, USA. I've seen similar things in front of other homes in the area.
A: This is from back in the horse and buggy days. The tall "tower" with the ring on top is a horse hitching post. The shorter block is a mounting block, to help someone getting in or out of a carriage or getting on or off a horse.


Found in a work room. Filled with the small copper cap things shown at bottom and dispenses them out of the end. End is squared and sharp.
A: Percussion caps for a muzzle loader firearm.


Moving into a new apartment and found this on the wall. It seems like a plastic plate that’s just hollow inside the opening. What could this be for?
A: It’s a port for hiding cables in wall


Found in backyard outside Atlanta GA. Hard and clumped togethe
A: Found in backyard outside Atlanta GA. Hard and clumped togethe

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Kucch samaj nahi aaya par thread achha hai
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nice thread! tkx

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