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British Literature from Chaucer to 18th century

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A brief overview of 14th century England

Important points:
👉 Age of Chaucer - 1343-1450
👉 English peasant revolt 1381
👉 Famous writers: Chaucer, John Gower & William Langland
👉 Standard English dialect : East Midland dialect
Chaucer used East Midland dialect in his "The Canterbury Tales"
👉 Court language and upper class language was French
👉 The church used Latin and English
👉 Gower preferred Latin
👉 Chaucer adopted words from French.
Geoffrey Chaucer
👉 Born: 1343-45, London
👉 Hundred years war between France and England
👉 Chaucer was imprisoned.
👉 Chaucer worked as King's esquire and visited Italy and France
👉 His works have been divided into three periods :- French, Italian and English
👉 French period till 1372:
Translated Le Roman De La rose
The book of the duchess or the death of Blonche - 1369
👉 Italian period 1372 - 85:
Influence by Dante and Boccaccio
The parliament of fowls
The house of Fame
Troilus and crisyde
The Legend of good women
👉 English period : 1385-4000
The Canterbury Tales
👉 Chaucer is known as the father of English Poetry
👉 Edward Albert called chaucer as the earliest of the Great moderns
👉 He is also known as the morning star of Renaissance
👉 Chaucer is the first poet buried in the poets corner of Westminster Abbey-----------------
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