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** Check Section Rules Before Posting **

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Hi Frendz,

Here Are Some Rules For Posting In Sms And Quotes Section.

1. A User Can Make 5 Topics Per Day Maximum.

2. A User Can Post Maximum 20 Posts A Day In Total.

3. A User Can Post 10 Posts Per Day Per Topic Maximum.

4. Posting Of External Forums Link/Name Not Allowed.

5. One Liner Sms/Jokes/Shayari/Quotes Not Allowed.

6. Do Not Post A Pic Sms/Jokes/Shayari/Quotes Post In The Thread Which Contains Text Sms/Jokes/Shayari/Quotes, Make Separate Thread For Pic Sms/Jokes/Shayari/Quotes.

7. Posting Abusive Words Are Neither Allowed In Sms And Quotes Section Nor In Any Other Section Of The Forum, Using Abusive Words With Special Characters Like (*) Are Also Not Allowed. Members Found Making Such Comments Shall Be Rewarded With Warnings.

NOTE: If You Find Any Thread Or Member Which Violates Above Rules, Immediately Report Any Of The Online Staffs.

Enjoy Your Stay At Frendz4m.

Frendz Staff
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thread locked by-P_R_K
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