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** 10 Brilliant Indian Short Films From 2020 **

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Amidst all the noise that big movies and shows, even on OTT platforms create, it becomes quite easy for short films to just disappear. That being said, they are still made and some of them are just exquisite works of art. Now, we have a long weekend ahead of us and trust me, watching these short films will be the best use of your time!

1. Devi
Arguably the most famous name on this list, Devi boasts of a star cast that include Bollywood stalwarts like Kajol. The film is basically a debate between 13 women talking about their history of sexual violence and rape. It's a short film, so I'll refrain from going too much into the plot. But it is an important film, that will make you think about just how commonplace these atrocities are in our society.


2. Mishti Doi
The film is as sweet as the name suggests. Mishti Doi revolves around a widower and all the arrangements he makes to welcome his son and daughter-in-law who are visiting him. This visit not only tests their bond as a family but leaves us all with something to think about.


3. Ghar Ki Murgi
Since time immemorial, homemakers, or as we crudely call them, 'housewives' have been treated unfairly by the society, often terming their work as duty and ignoring their contributions to the society. Directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, Ghar ki Murgi stars Sakshi Tanwar looks at the lives of these homemakers and their throws some light on just how important they are.


4. Holi Ka Dahan
As you might have guessed from the name, the story does revolve a little around the festival of colours. Anuritta Jha, who plays the lead in Holi Ka Dahan breaks off her toxic relationship and in a manner of speaking, colours herself happy.


5. Nawab
Nawab is arguably the best example of Aparshakti Khuarana's acting prowess. It tells the story of a man and the dog he got while he was together with his ex. Now, that they are broken up, he must find a place for himself and his dog to live. It's a beautiful story.


6. Budh (Awakening)
While the movie was made in 2018, it released in 2020 and got nominated for a Filmfare. Budh focusses on 3 women across the country, all facing similar sort of oppression and how they try to rise above it. It shows the harrowing reality of women, not just in India but throughout the world.


7. Sarvagun Sampann
Sarvagun Sampann is another film about how women struggle to find their place in the society due to the unwarranted stigma around being unmarried as they move up in age. There's a little twist at the end that you'll definitely not see coming.


8. Natkhat
Starring Vidya Balan, this is another movie about women empowerment and chronicles the life of a woman teaching her son about gender equality. The film will leave you with the hope that all this patriarchy, misogyny, sexism, all of it can be stopped, if it's nipped in the bud.


9. Kaande Pohe
This Terribly Tiny Tales production is aptly named after the Maharashtrian tradition where a girl's family serves the dish to the boy's family when the latter visit them for an arranged marriage. Kaande Pohe an unique take on the whole concept and you will leave with a little something after you watch the film.


10. Kriti
Kriti is a psychological thriller that stars Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma as the main characters. The cast itself should sell you on the film. Telling anything else about the film will give way the plot and trust me, this is one spoiler you don't want.

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Thanks for the recommendation!
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Never heard about them before will make sure that i watch each of them
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thanks for the movie list. next weekend sorted
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Kaande Pohe is my favorite by far
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